In Response to Racist & Anti-Semitic Graffiti at Queen's

We have chosen not to reproduce images of the graffiti at Queen's.
Instead, please enjoy this piece found on the Lennon Wall in Prague. (with thanks to Yanksox at Wikipedia)

Letter to the Editor (Submitted to the Kingston Whig Standard) 

I belong to an inter-faith group in Kingston that has been meeting monthly for almost three years now.  We share our faith, spiritual traditions, and beliefs in fellowship fostering mutual growth in respect and understanding for the good of all.  We rotate the place of our gatherings so that we can become aware of each other’s holy place and taste each other’s ethnic food.  It has been a wonderful, educational, enlightening experience where I have been enriched with new friends.  It’s where we need to be today.

This month our meeting was held at the synagogue hosted by the new Rabbi Erin Polansky.  We were invited into their sacred space where Rabbi Erin answered all our many questions.  Afterwards we partook of a lovely spread and continued with business.  Upon leaving we saw several from the Jewish community preparing – would you believe! – Easter baskets for needy children.  If this isn’t deep interfaith in action!

So, this morning when I opened my email and discovered anti-Semitic and racist graffiti spray painted around Queen’s campus I was appalled and deeply saddened.  Who was doing this? And why were they doing it?

Sidewalks and edifices at Queen’s or anyplace in Kingston have no business displaying any racist or hateful messages of any group. It is utterly inappropriate and against true Canadian values. We must not remain silent bystanders in the face of racial slurs, white supremacy, and calls for violence. We denounce all such speech and demonstrations of divisiveness, and hate. It degrades us all

We as united group (Kingston Interfaith Community) denounce such wholeheartedly and stand beside each other against such acts. Everyone has a right to safety, dignity and respect in Canada.

Shalom, Peace Be Upon Us All,

Sister Pauline Lally, SP for the Kingston Interfaith Community


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