Gathering for Sri Lanka

The Kingston Interfaith Community invites you to a gathering in response to the Easter Sunday Bombing in Sri Lanka. Wednesday April 24th 5:30 – 6:00 pm.

Please join us at the edge of City Park near the corner of Barrie and Stuart Street.

We will be gathering to tie ribbons of mourning and hope onto the Peace Tree. Ribbons will be provided or feel free to bring your own.

An Open letter from the Kingston Interfaith Community about the Easter Weekend violence in Sri Lanka.... 

"We write to once again decry the senseless sectarian violence that mars our world. We are deeply saddened to think of the deaths of so many Sri Lankan Christians, other Sri Lankan citizens and guests to Sri Lanka as they went about their lives. We are deeply moved by the irony of so many killed as they gather to celebrate the festival of hope and renewal that is the Christian festival of Easter. 

"We write also to testify to our sense that this violence is so unnecessary. The best ethical systems allow human beings to control themselves without the need to control others. Where religious rhetoric is used to justify control of others, we see politics co-opting faith. As a diverse group of people of faith we affirm that our obligation to live without violence against or control of others. 

"We will gather Wednesday April 24th from 5:30-6 in Kingston’s City Park to tie ribbons of mourning and hope onto the Peace Tree. No matter how often we need to gather, we will not retreat from our efforts to increase cooperation across humankind." 

Kate Johnson (a Quaker) 
On behalf of the Kingston Interfaith Community

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